MicroScience 10ML 16x100mm COD Test Tube, bx250, MSC0000131

Test Tube 16*100mm Rounded Bot
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1) Description

COD Test Tubes are essential lab equipment designed for high-temperature chemical processes. Known for their exceptional durability and resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion, these tubes are widely used in analytical chemistry for sample digestion, ensuring precise results in elemental analysis.

2) Application

Their robustness allows for direct application of high heat, making them ideal for preparing samples for analysis by techniques such as atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis, and other methods requiring the dissolution or breakdown of complex matrices.


Screw thread test tubes include PC caps with PTFE/ Silicone/ PTFE Septa, which is made from borosilicate glasstubing.

Design for COD Analysis, also suitable for instruments and test kits, for example Hach's.

Used for municipal wastewater testing,industrial wastewater and process control testing, environmental water testing.

the box is food grade material, environment friendly.


Product Details

Product Name

MicroScience 10ML 16x100mm COD Test Tube


Borosilicate Glass Tube + PC Cap+ PTFE/ Silicone/ PTFE Septa 1.5mm Thick

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Tube Bottom

Rounded Bottom


250 pcs Packed in one Box.


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Pack Size250