OptioBio Glass Columns

Prepacked OptioBioTM columns

The prepacked OptioBio™ columns are designed for small-scale purification as well as screening and optimization in bioprocess development and scale-up. OptioBio 40S 10×100 and OptioBio 40Q 10×100 columns are prepacked with WorkBeads™ 40S and WorkBeads 40Q resins for ion exchange chromatography (IEX). The resins are designed for research and industrial scale purification of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids and utilise the difference in their surface charge. WorkBeads 40S is a strong cation exchange resin with sulfonate ligands, and WorkBeads 40Q is a strong anion exchange resin with quaternary amine ligands. The property of high-resolution separation in combination with low backpressure facilitates both capture and polishing purification applications.

- Prepacked for reliable and reproducible results

- Optimal for high-performance small-scale purification and method optimization in bioprocess development

- High throughput and purity