BabyBio TREN

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BabyBio TREN 1ml x1 45655211

BabyBio TREN 1ml x1

BabyBio TREN 1ml x10 45655214

BabyBio TREN 1ml x10

BabyBio TREN 1ml x2 45655212

BabyBio TREN 1ml x2

BabyBio TREN 1ml x5 45655213

BabyBio TREN 1ml x5

BabyBio TREN 5ml x1 45655215

BabyBio TREN 5ml x1

BabyBio TREN 5ml x10 45655218

BabyBio TREN 5ml x10

BabyBio TREN 5ml x2 45655216

BabyBio TREN 5ml x2

BabyBio TREN 5ml x5 45655217

BabyBio TREN 5ml x5

The ready-to-use BabyBio™ TREN columns are prepacked with WorkBeads™ 40 TREN resin and are available in two column sizes, 1 ml and 5 ml. WorkBeads 40 TREN resin for multimodal Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEX) has a ligand which is positively charged below approx. pH 9. The resin can be used for several different applications, particularly due to its higher salt tolerant properties, e.g., for multimodal IEX, for sample cleanup in monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification processes in order to guard the Protein A column from chromatins and other host cell impurities, or as a polishing step


in the mAb purification process.

- Differential selectivity due to higher salt tolerance and multimodal properties

- Improved selectivities through multimodal IEX separation

- Reduced fouling of Protein A resins by chromatin and host cell impurity removal